Breathe Clean Air Like You Never Have Before
Live a healthier life by blocking out all the nasty chemicals and bacteria that plague our atmosphere in today's day and age with the N99 Mask
Blocks Allergens, Airborne Pathogens, Pollen, & Airborne Contaminants 
Did you know 7 million people die early every year due to air pollution?
Scary statistic right? This includes both inside the house and outdoors. Out of these deaths, 21% are due to pneumonia, 20% due to stroke, 34% due to ischemic heart disease, 19% from pulmonary disease, and 7% from lung cancer…
Quoted Directly from the World Health Organization
So what can you do to prevent any of this from happening to you?
The solution is simple... Watch the video below!
Engineered for your Freedom
The N99 mask is specially engineered to provide you the maximum amount of filtration, blocking 99% of all contaminants found in the air. This means that you’ll be worry-free on your next hike, run, or outing.
Multi-Layered Protection Every Step of the Way
Every mask includes 6 PM2.5 Filters that give even further protections about the dangerous pollutants and contaminants found in the air. 

Simple insert one into your mask, and you’re ready!
Great for Multiple Uses
The N99 Mask can be used for all walks of life, and can protect you from various things like:
Designed for Anyone and Everyone to Use
Whether you’re a man or woman, our N99 masks are designed to give you a comfortable yet secure fit.

Protection doesn’t discriminate.
We Created This Mask For You
Wear Glasses? We've Got You Covered
Often, glasses can get fogged up from breathing masks - which is why we include a nose cushion with every mask that increase comfortability and prevent your glasses from fogging up, allowing you to breathe and see clearly
Neck Clip Included for High Performance
Our N99 Masks include a Neck Buckle that provides you a better seal which is crucial for the best filtering. Not to mention, it gives you more options on how you can wear your mask!
All Our Customers are Loving the N99 Mask
Checkout some real reviews from real customers that loved their experience with our N99 Mask:
This Mask WON first place out of the six manufacturers I compared
I’ve had a double lung transplant this year. These masks are important to my on going survival. Important enough that I purchased 6 different masks to determine the best fit and function for my particular needs. Compared to the 5 other similar N99 dust masks, this mask WON first place! This mask was by far the most comfortable, yet affordable.
Good for Glasses!
I have a smaller head and I wear glasses and finding a mask for allergies / wildfires has not been very fun. Happily, this mask does the trick! It was pretty easy to insert and remove the filter and I was able to breathe without fogging up my glasses. It allowed me to breathe without getting sick during wildfires and it was easy to shove in my purse.
Well Fitting Mask!
Like the fit for it’s compact size so I don’t look weird. The vent to decrease moisture especially since I need to move a little more than average. I needed something to prevent welding fumes and smelting fumes. I love the mask and asked so much from it. I recommend this mask for general use and safety. Good mask, well made, great price.
Worth it!
Started using this mask in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the smokey season. It breathes so much better than other masks. It doesn’t seem as hot as others too. Although the nose area is not very secure, it does come with a foam sticker you can apply to it. It’s a great mask and worth the price. It also tightens around your ears to make it more snug and helpful.
Get Your N99 Mask Today to Start Breathing 
(The Way You're Supposed To)
Are you ready to begin living life without worrying about all the pollution and contaminants in the air? Get better protection today with the N99 Mask
x1 Mask
x2 Filters
x1 Nose Cushions
x4 Neck Buckles
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